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Referrals to detox from alcohol or other drugs, rehabilitation programs, outpatient treatment are made according to their needs.
Private Individual counseling sessions are available to accommodate clients according to their schedule.

National points and Insurance Reduction Course

New York Defensive Driving – NY/NJ Points and Insurance Reduction (PIRP) You can save10% on your automobile insurance premium for 3 years, and 4 points reduction on your abstract driving record.

In our courses, the mundane traditional methods of presenting traffic safety information take a back seat. Instead, we utilize powerful, contemporary learning tools designed to reach the sophisticated driver of this modern age. Our tell-it-like-it-is presentation is based on a scientifically proven curriculum that is humorously provocative, fun, simple and effective.

Our NY Defensive Driving Point and Insurance Reduction courses (PIPR) have undergone numerous traffic safety studies and time after time have proven to be effective in reducing future traffic collisions and traffic tickets. Our defensive driving courses are approved by a number of jurisdictions across the country for our Point/Insurance Reduction Courses, including California Superior Courts, California Department of Motor Vehicles, Florida DMV, New York DMV, New Jersey Commission on Motor Vehicles, Virginia DMV and many others.

For additional information on 6 Hour Defensive Driving Courses in New York, please call (917) 635-2875.

Your anonymity is protected and confidentiality is one of our primary concern for all participants.