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DWI / DDP Information

Dear Referent/Participants

Participants of the Enoch Center STOP DWI Program and Enoch Recovery/DDP center will enjoy the benefits of what the program has to offer.

Our STOP DWI Program: Consists of 16-24 sessions. Each class is only one (1) hour long at $45 each session.

Our 16 hours class schedules are: 1 x week for 4 months or 2 x a week for 2 months.

Our 24 hours class schedules are:  1 x a week for 6 months or 2 x a week for 3 months.

There is a $100 initial assessment/evaluation fee. For those experiencing financial hardship, there is a payment plan.

(Please be advised: For individuals mandated into the program by their Probation or Parole Officer or the Criminal Justice System; sessions may be extended based on their mandated officer or Judge or the ADA’s recommendations)

Our alcohol and other drugs (AOD) programs are managed under the guidance of the Director and CASACs and License Social Workers. This is an educational setting for alcohol specific STOP DWI offenders and not an OASAS drug treatment program. Participants are being educated on the following topics:

Through cognitive and emotive therapeutic approaches behavior modification is implemented and education employed. Drug screening and breathalyzers are utilized to insure abstinence.
Please call (917) 635-2875 to schedule a referral or send an email at justint140@hotmail.com

Our Drinking and Driving Program (DDP):
If you are convicted of an alcohol or drug-related driving violation, your license or privilege to drive in New York State will be revoked or suspended. However, you may be eligible for a conditional license or a conditional driving privilege if you participate in New York State’s Drinking Driver Program (DDP) or an approved out-of-state program. Your “Order of Suspension or Revocation” from the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) will indicate a nearby state or county motor vehicle office where you may enroll in the Drinking Driver Program and apply for a conditional license/privilege, if applicable. Your license suspension or revocation officially begins at your hearing or sentencing in court, unless the court gives you a “Continuation of Driving Privileges” (MV-1192). Your credit for serving the suspension or revocation begins on the effective date of the order. If you receive a “Continuation,” your suspension or revocation will begin 20 days after sentencing. NYS license holders are required to turn in your license at a state or county motor vehicle office, unless it has already been taken by the court. It is a criminal offense to drive a motor vehicle while your license is suspended or revoked. If you are convicted of driving under suspension or revocation, you may be fined and you may be sentenced to jail and/or probation. In addition, the police may impound the vehicle you were driving when arrested. If you are placed on probation because of this conviction, you also must bring written permission from the sentencing court, or your probation officer, that allows you to apply for a license.

The Drinking Driver Program is part of New York State’s effort to lessen the incidence of injury, disability, and fatality that results from alcohol and other drug related motor vehicle crashes, thereby reducing the risk of re-offense for an impaired driving offense.

Participants in the DDP will receive an in-depth education regarding high-risk alcohol and other drug choices to assist them in identifying and changing high-risk behaviors. Multimedia presentations and guided discussion increase participants’ motivation to change behavior to protect what they value most in life. Individual and group activities are completed using participant Prime for Life workbooks. Participants also complete a preliminary screening designed to identify risk factors for a substance abuse disorder. Individuals found to be at risk for a substance abuse disorder will be referred for a comprehensive clinical assessment and referral to treatment if warranted.

The NYS Drinking Driver Program Curriculum
In collaboration with the NYS Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV), OASAS has implemented an evidenced-based Drinking Driver Program (DDP) Curriculum for standardized use by DDPs statewide. The curriculum includes 4-hours of New York State-specific law and traffic safety information and 12-hours of Prevention Research Institute’s (PRI) PRIME For Life curriculum.

About PRIME For Life®
PRIME For Life (PFL) is an evidenced-based motivational intervention used to prevent alcohol and drug problems or provide early intervention. Based on the Lifestyle Risk Reduction Model, the Transtheoretical Model, and persuasion theory, PFL is designed to gently but powerfully challenge common believes and attitudes that directly contribute to high-risk alcohol and drug use. Two primary goals of PFL are to reduce the risk of developing health problems such as alcoholism, and experiencing impairment problems such as DWI or alcohol or drug related car crashes. PRIME For Life is used statewide in impaired driving programs in twelve states.

As a DDP participant, you must attend all seven weekly classroom sessions. Each session takes 2 to 3 hours, for 16 hours total. When you satisfactorily complete the classroom sessions, your involvement in the DDP will end, UNLESS the program refers you for formal evaluation and any resulting treatment.

You will receive a "Notice of Completion" (MV-2026) when you have completed all the requirements of the Drinking Driver Program. A copy of your completion notice will be sent to the DMV. Depending on your license status and driving record, your license will be restored or you will be eligible to apply for a new license. You may not be allowed to apply right away if:

To participate in our DDP program you must go to your nearest DMV and enroll under the Enoch Recovery/DDP Center for our next sessions or call (917) 635-2875 for further information on class schedules.

To participate in our DDP program you must go to your nearest DMV and enroll under the Enoch Enoch TorressRecovery/DDP Center for our next sessions.